Imperfect AI is Fun AI

Welcome back, intrepid pilots and nostalgia seekers. Today we have a deep dive into the world of NPC AI. But first allow me to tell you a story about the first AI behavior I ever wrote. We have to go way back to a time so shrouded in nerdiness and embarassment that nobody in their… Continue reading Imperfect AI is Fun AI

Right in the (Game) Feels

I am back to working on the hard to define task of “game feel”. This involves making the things you do over and over feel… good. One of my main playtesters is a friend I’ve known since 1st grade. I’ve played every generation of video game with him. We’ve been comrades in arms in n64… Continue reading Right in the (Game) Feels

No Rope, Best Rope?

Welcome, gather round and take a seat, as I fill this dark chrome window with half-intelligible war-stories of trying to make a rope, a simple rope, that hangs beneath a helicopter… It’s been a long summer of solo-dev, and it’s time to open the kimono. Why A Rope? I think the coolest part of having… Continue reading No Rope, Best Rope?